23/03/2012 10:06 | By Andrei Avarvarii
Secret new cars coming soon

Ferrari F12 Spider

Ferrari F12 Spider (© Image © Andrei Avarvarii)
  • Audi R5 (© Image © Andrei Avarvarii)
  • BMW 3 Series GT (© Image © Andrei Avarvarii)
  • BMW M3 (© Image © Andrei Avarvarii)
  • BMW M6 Gran Coupe (© Image © Andrei Avarvarii)
  • BMW X4 (© Image © Andrei Avarvarii)
  • Ferrari 458 Scuderia (© Image © Andrei Avarvarii)
  • Ferrari F12 Spider (© Image © Andrei Avarvarii)
  • Kia GT (© Image © Andrei Avarvarii)
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Ferrari has only just revealed its F12 Berlinetta, at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, but already plans are in place for a convertible 'Spider' version of its fastest ever car. It probably won't be on sale until 2015 and, furthermore, will be an exclusive halo model with production restricted to 100 units, much like the 599 Aperta.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta at Geneva 2012

23/03/2012 16:18
this mini of BMW is UGLY car can't stand itSad
26/03/2012 10:31
Jeez, that has to be the ugliest BMW I have ever seen!
26/03/2012 18:47
OMG!!!! that mini has to be the UGLIEST MINI EVER!!!!!!Angry they don't live up to there name, there meant to be small hence the name "Mini" but there just getting bigger and uglier, i LOVED the original ones though!!
24/03/2012 00:42
i hate these smart cars. they look ridiculous. you have no chance if that thing crashes at above 40mph or if a lorry falls on you.
23/03/2012 11:40
good attempt and it may work but honeslty just stick to mad italian cars which have made lambo famous

Issigonis must be spinning in his grave.

The Mini "mini-van" concept HAS to be the UGLIEST creature EVER to have mutated from the original brilliant design.

Please note that I wrote this BEFORE I read cobra427sc's contribution, so I cannot agree more.


As for the rest, the Ferrari LOOKS nice, otherwise, Yawn.....



26/03/2012 21:56
23/03/2012 20:38
27/03/2012 09:56
The new line of  minis are a  mini in name only. Even the first new generation (2000s) mini built by BMW was no smaller than your average hatchback while the original line of Minis was generally smaller than almost every car you saw on the street. BMW might've got the styling right as it it generally faithful to the original but they certainly didn't get what gave the Mini it's name in the first place; it's size..... I mean since when did any of the original mini's rival or tower over other cars in size? As for the mini in this article? The styling is way off in this case.
26/03/2012 20:07

Fuel costs are irrelevant as far as this article goes Thinking

 If you can afford a super car you can afford to fuel it...

The sports cars are not everyday cars either so the running cost is not a decision breaker either...

The every day cars like the Smart will come with green/economical engine options


Oh and the Mini MPV Sick should be burnt and the designer should have is eyes checked and a full psychological evaluation

25/03/2012 09:55
Smart cars are very safe, fifth gear crashed the 450(fortwo) into a concrete wall at 70 and the doors still opened fine. The human body cant stand a sudden stop from 70 though so you would still die, the car was ok though.
25/03/2012 09:58
What mad italian cars are they lambo is designed and use vw/audi tech as do bugati and they own most of porsche . audi 1st and 2nd at sebering last weekend  
26/03/2012 21:39

 the BMWx 4aint all that there should have been more to it. and love the Ferrari 458 Scuderia. i soooooo want it.. these cars are so not afordable its not fairrrr. whats the point of getting so many new types of cars when peopls cant afford the old ones yet? and car insurance is so high right now . poof. guess the kia gt is orightt. and the Lamborghini Cabrera is wow a amazing creation. its beautiful and hopefully one day mine. the mini MPV is kinda not nice i think the original is so smart and smooth and got a nice noise to it with out the sencers.Smile and of course aother audi out



25/03/2012 04:39
26/03/2012 11:26
With the cost of fuel and road congestion this kind of fantasy motoring is becoming a thing of the past (like discussing a good smoke down the pub)! Perhaps they should invest more time discussing practical energy efficient vehicles.
25/03/2012 18:23

i love audi i think they are well cool.

i love ferrari's to.

not sure on the mini it looks horrible just stick to what u have got.

love the bmw they are well cool

25/03/2012 19:00
Anyone been on driversquiz.com ??
Great site, ended up spending an hour talking about the quiz.

Anyway, was just wondering. Check it out.

25/03/2012 16:01
I have a 
Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible

and it is amazing ... shov ethis rubbish... who needs a ferrari come on 
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