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Audi A8 Mk III

Audi A8 Mk III (© Image © Audi)
  • Audi A8 Mk III (© Image © Audi)
  • Audi E5 eco roadster (© Image © Audi)
  • Audi E5 eco roadster (© Image © Audi)
  • BMW 1 Series GT (© Image © BMW)
  • Citroen DS5 (© Image © Citroen)
  • Ferrari Scaglietti (© Image © Ferrari)
  • Ford new Capri (© Image © Ford)
  • Ford Kuga Coupé (© Image © Ford)
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The Audi A8 is due for replacement - perhaps as early as the Frankfurt motor show next month. An official teaser image of a headlamp indicates a stronger more angular look. This rendering extends this suggestion to the entire car, while keeping to the existing neat proportions of the current model.


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