Toyota Auris(Image © Toyota)

This is one of the biggest and most important car markets in the UK, and the good news is that deals are readily available through the car scrappage scheme.

The amount of car to amount of discount ratio in this sector of the marketplace makes for some sensationally good value deals. For example, at least one of the cars here actually comes in at less money than the cheapest scrappage-adjusted supermini from the same manufacturer. That's what we call a bargain.

Elsewhere in our top 10 countdown you'll find the usual heady mix of economy-minded motoring and premium marque discounting - so the chances are, if you've got something to scrap, we've found a car to suit you. And most of the models at this market point have a sizeable amount of standard equipment, too.

Ford Focus
Let's start as we mean to go on here with the best scrappage deals on perhaps the best all-rounder in this sector, the Ford Focus. Well built, fun to drive, generally reliable, and fairly affordable. Especially now. Standard scrappage saving? £2,000. Total available saving on a Focus? £4,000. Double your discount.

That's on 1.6 petrol Styles and 1.6 TDCi turbodiesel ECOnetics - and you need it in the latter's case since list is £18k. But a 1.6 Style with standard aircon and ESP for £12,945 is pretty tasty. Alternatively, save £3,700 and get a free Sports Pack (worth £550) on the Zetec and Zetec S. Nice.

Vauxhall Astra
Of course, archrival Vauxhall is not about to let Ford steal all the headlines. The Astra might not have the panache and the composure of a Focus, and the current model is due for replacement later this year. But, even so it's a solid piece of family transportation. Especially at £6,410 off. That is a lot of money.

And since that discount is on the entry-level 1.4i petrol Life five-door, it means you can pick up an Astra for just £8,995. This makes the Astra one of the cheapest ways to get into C-segment motoring right now. An undemanding ownership proposition, and a proper bargain.

Hyundai i30
The Hyundai i30 is perhaps the Korean manufacturer's most mainstream car. It doesn't have the handling polish of, say, the Focus, but build quality is strong and it comes with stacks of standard equipment. Alloy wheels, air conditioning and ESP are included right across the range. Not to mention a five-year warranty.

So the i30 is excellent value at its regular £11,600 starting price. Making things even better, almost every i30 is on scrappage offer with more than the minimum £2,000 discount. Biggest saving of all comes on the entry-level 1.4 petrol Comfort, which with a £3,605 total reduction is down to just £7,995.

BMW 1 Series
BMW isn't exactly renowned for bargain motoring. But having recently introduced its most frugal model ever in the form of the 116d, and revised the 116i for better economy, it now ranks amongst the greenest carmakers in the family hatchback sector. Ideal fodder for a scrappage scheme deal - with conditions.

The best priced 1 Series is the 116i three door, which comes in at £14,415. But better still is the 116i at £15,225 with scrappage, because BMW is throwing in a free Sport upgrade that adds 17 inch alloys, sports seats and a multi-function steering wheel.

Peugeot 308
The 308 is an important car for Peugeot, since it represents something of a turning point. The interior - if you excuse the excessive number of buttons on the centre console - is a real to challenge class leaders for design and finish, and elsewhere the 308 impresses with its comfort levels and efficiency.

To make things even better, scrappage savings are as high as £4,300 in total. That's on the 1.4 VTi 95 petrol Verve - a special edition that includes Bluetooth as standard for any late night, open road singing sessions you might want to indulge in. Or not. Discounted to just £11,445.

Volkswagen Golf
Looking for a premium-level scrappage deal? The finance offer from BMW isn't the most inspiring, is it? And Audi can only offer something similar, only less so. Leaving us with Volkswagen - which although not in exactly the same league offers a more quietly assured image, and outstanding Mk6 Golf quality.

Outstanding Golf quality and a serious discount, in fact. VW has gone after scrappage customers like a laser guided missile. Buy an entry-level Golf S, and save £3,250 on petrol engines, and £3,950 on diesel engines. That means you can get a 1.4 petrol for just £10,825. Great value for a Volkswagen.

Kia Cee'd
As with the i30 from parent company Hyundai, you can currently get a Kia cee'd for just £7,995 under the scrappage scheme. And although the Kia may not be quite as well equipped as the Hyundai, you do still get air conditioning and six airbags as standard - plus an industry-leading seven-year warranty.

The car in question is the base model cee'd 1.4S, which is usually £11,445. Bringing it down to that attention grabbing £7,995 is the usual £1,000 contribution from the government plus a generous £2,450 from Kia. Considering the warranty this has got to be one of the best value scrappage deals around.

Volvo C30
Keen to be green? Then this is the compact hatchback scrap deal for you. Volvo is offering a tremendous £4,025 total discount on the latest version of the C30 with the desirable R Design styling pack.

That substantial saving is linked to another finance deal, but it brings the C30 1.6 R Design cash price down from £16,020 to just £11,995. With its unique exterior styling and inspired interior design, we really like the C30. For real world economy in an attractive package, look no further than this.

Toyota Auris
Another stop-start scrappage contender, this time from Toyota. The recently revised Auris now comes with a new 1.33 Dual VVT-i petrol engine, which includes Toyota Optimal Drive with Stop/Start as standard. Compared to the old 1.3, it's 17 percent more CO2 efficient, and will travel 94 miles further on a tank of fuel.

This translates into 48.7mpg combined and 135g/km CO2 emissions - not bad for a petrol. In basic T2 specification, this entry-level car should cost £13,420. But thanks to the scrappage scheme and an extra £1,000 from Toyota, it's down £3,000 to £10,420. Anticipating the usual Toyota level of reliability, it's a sensible choice.

Citroen C4
You need to keep a sharp eye on Citroen because the offers change almost by the day. Recently it was possible to get your hands on a C4 at just £7,995 under the scrappage scheme, a deal so ridiculously good that Citroen was actually undercutting the cheapest scrap-adjusted Citroen C3.

Things are not quite so good now, but Citroën is still throwing an extra £1,000 at C4s on top of the £2,000 scrappage allowance. That means the entry-level five-door C4 VTR 1.4i petrol is available for £10,895, with no additional premium for the five-door model over the three-door "Coupe".