16/11/2012 10:33 | By Steve Walker
Potholes transformed by the pothole gardener

Potholes transformed by the pothole gardener

Potholes transformed by the pothole gardener (© http://www.thelittlebookoflittlegardens.com)
  • Potholes transformed by the pothole gardener (© http://www.thelittlebookoflittlegardens.com)
  • Bike ride (© www.thelittlebookoflittlegardens.com)
  • A to B Tyres (© www.thelittlebookoflittlegardens.com)
  • A gerbera (© www.thelittlebookoflittlegardens.com)
  • Christmas (© www.thelittlebookoflittlegardens.com)
  • Confused (© www.thelittlebookoflittlegardens.com)
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As motorists, nothing riles us more than a nice big pothole…

‘What does the council think it’s playing at?’ ‘I pay my taxes and I have to drive on roads like this!’ ‘Our roads are the worst in Europe!’ A good rant about the shoddy and deteriorating state of the roads is part of our birthright as British citizens.

But while the rest of us clench our fists and bristle with anger as our car wheel clangs into yet another tarmac crater, one man sees only opportunity. Steve Wheen is the pothole gardener, a green-fingered crusader who made it his mission to turn crumbling fissures in roads and pavements into tiny oases of natural beauty.  

In this gallery we bring you Steve Wheen’s incredible pothole gardens. Don’t forget to tell us which one your favourite is…

16/11/2012 21:50
Better putting the minister of transport in first and the flowers on top : -)
16/11/2012 17:20
Perhaps flowers and plants growing in the middle of the road and on verges will make council's realise there is a pothole in the road!  They seem to be invisible otherwise - unless you're a motorist or cyclist. 
17/11/2012 01:19
I have noticed many councils now using this cheep liquid tarmac that just pours out and gets spread over the existing surface, this enabables them to resurface a road in just hrs. Then it takes just hrs for the S**t to disintegrate.A road near me has had this treatment four times in 2yrs! why not just do it proper in the 1st place an the road would easily last 5-10 yrs!.. On Another point Before the uk became speed bump fiend's just think how many times in a year your car would have normally travelled over such obsticals! This must increase the wear and ageing of our cars tenfold. This Iinfuriates me!!
16/11/2012 17:41
It's just a pity that they won't last very long. A lovely little sight though.
16/11/2012 17:28
What can they say it's cheaper than Tacmac
18/11/2012 14:01
love it has made me smile while it is gray outside
17/11/2012 18:29
What a great idear, tells councils there roads nead fixing and saves cars going down potholes damaging them.
18/11/2012 17:55
How long before some health and safety local council killjoy, sense of humourless, ****, attempts to persecute ( or prosecute) Steve Wheen? Which will cost more than filling the potholes.
But then is that what our dictatorial, self serving councils are there for.
Strange isnt it, how we make the mistake of thinking these incompetent and wasteful imbeciles are elected or employed to do our bidding.  We should understand that any form of official is only there to line their pockets with self imposed extortionate wages and immoral legitimized expenses, and if we belittle them or irritate, they will prosecute with the revenge only usually encountered in the school playground.

Which brings us back to the question what do the government spend our road tax on ?
18/11/2012 16:34
so beatiful they put a smile in anyone face; colour and beauty in a grey and sad tarmac landscape. love it
18/11/2012 19:17



Wot next...??       Road-edendrums....?     Car-nations..?    DAF - odils (think lorries)..?.......


...and why stop with flowers......Pot-at-Holes...??   Car-rotts...?  ...........surely there must be more....??????

18/11/2012 16:55

What a wonderful thing to do!!

Anything to indicate a pothole is a good thing in my eyes.

Mind you, I do suppose that councils will take the "offenders" to court for doing this.

18/11/2012 15:55
Our roads are notthe worst in Europe you should try Bulgaria they really are diabolicle,get puncture every single time i go out, they like craters not pot holes.
But love the mini gardens,pity they wont last long before some ignorant moron smashes them up.
18/11/2012 19:36
I'm absolutely sick of Potholes in this country! 
The amount of wasted time and money with Diversions constantly in my town and the roads are still in a state!! We should all start invoicing the government for every time a pothole damages our cars! They are extremely dangerous yet nothing gets done about them. 

Oh sorry, that's a lie, near to where i live there is a massive one on a very busy road so what they've done is paint a little white box around it (Like that's going to help)
Unless you know it's there like I now do you're going to hit it as it's straight off a roundabout!!
18/11/2012 16:33

Its a shame he dosnt actually leave the works instead of just photographing and then taking most of it away. But I guess leaving installations  the middle of roads could be construed as dangerous.


19/11/2012 00:04

Priceless!! Least it makes them stand out. (for a while at least) now that the streetlights get turned off, need all the help we can get.

Think I'm going to buy my own tracking lasers and save myself some money! 

01/12/2012 17:51

The answer to repairing the ever increasing number of pot holes lies in the ever increasing number of speed humps.

Quantify the ammount of humps now calculate the ammount of raw materials used along with man power to make such ridiculous humps and thats were its all going on stupid humps that do nothing for speeding traffic as they straddle the humps thus not needing to slow down.

They just did a street round the corner from me littered with pot holes, and all they did was build speed humps an not fix the pot holes.

I watched them clear away their left overs of raw materials only to leave the street with nice new shinny speed humps and lots of old ever increasing in size pot holes it just doesn't add up the left overs would have been better used for filling holes but I bet that lot got dumped. 

04/07/2013 13:33
Surely the first car to drive over these will destroy them...!
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