23/04/2013 08:30 | By Ian Dickson
New British-built cars coming in 2013

The brilliant new British cars coming soon.

The brilliant new British cars coming soon
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Celebrate St George's Day in style with this crop of great British cars launched or due to be launched this year, from beautiful Bentleys to Ferrari-beating hypercars like the McLaren P1 due on sale later this year. Yes, many of these brands are foreign owned, but every car listed here is built in the UK and provides jobs for British people.

06/02/2013 19:12
Yes, these cars are constructed in the U.K. using mainly foreign parts which were paid for by foreign owners who pay very little tax in the U.K. & all profits go overseas.

06/02/2013 22:34

I remember when I was at school 40-odd years ago my economics teacher saying how good our economy was at the time - he pointed out how we used to export Vauxhall Vivas in kit form to Persia (as it was then) for them to build and sell on, as a way of helping their economy.


Now our government celebrates when other countries do the same to us. When exactly did we become a third world country?????

06/02/2013 21:56
There are no british cars they are all foreign owned ?
07/02/2013 13:05
I think the problem with Britain is people want to help others before they can help their own, reason why cars stopped being British. 
06/02/2013 20:47
no way would i buy a china made mg .id be balking at an indian made jag as well at least its made here no the british car industry has gone . really think about it an mg made in china??? really? a badge put on as mediocre car .mg came from abingdon and cowley .
07/02/2013 09:21
yea sure i will just pop down my local bently dealers and get me a vw.

... hard to believe ! .. February 2013 and Britain still has a car industry !


... I don`t believe it ! .. you actually mean that someone might defer from buying a new vehicle on the grounds of its nationality !


... (unpractical for the very large majority .. Aston Martin,Bentley,Jaguar,Land Rover/Range Rover,McLaren and Rolls Royce !)

... (of foreign origins .. Honda,Nissan,Toyota !)

... (sports cars .. high insurance .. Caterham,Lotus,MG !)


... ... it only leaves the Mini !  ~


... ( ps. France is only 23 MILES away ... ) ...



11/02/2013 15:40
I run a 1970 ford zodiac it has 225000 recorded miles .that is GREEN
23/04/2013 18:05
This MG looks looks like something out of the ark
23/04/2013 16:08



Both the MINI Countryman and Paceman are built in Austria and not in the UK.

07/02/2013 13:30
Some great cars at great prices, who buys these ?
27/03/2013 07:51
How much did the UK tax payer pay towards this baby we paid 379 million to make the last new Range Rover model
12/02/2013 00:44
It's a pity we don't have a UK based V8 Touring Car Championship I suspect the only place where we are likely to see the Jaguar XF/XFR race is Australia where they have the V8 Supercars or even the Italy based Superstars which does have a race in the UK
There is no longer a British car thanks to the unions who destroyed our car industry

I drive a Jaguar XJ.  My previous car was the older model Jaguar XJ.  Quite simply they are the two best cars I have ever owned.  I had driven Mercedes cars before that.  I had four of them.  I will never touch a Mercedes again.  The last two I had were badly made and had serious reliability problems. 


Instead of moaning about foreign parts and foreign owners paying little tax, why don't you go and buy a British built car?  If you want an excellent low/medium priced car, buy a British built Japanese brand.  If you want a luxury car which is special buy a Jaguar or a Range Rover.  If you want the best utility vehicle buy a Land Rover Defender.  These are the best and they are British.


Maybe you want to be like lemmings and drive around in hyped up cars like Audi, BMW and Mercedes.  An Audi is an expensive VW, BMWs are ugly and Mercedes has lost its image. 

14/02/2013 23:18
I remember a good many year ago i was enjoying a nice cup of coffee in my bosses garden and his freind was with us. He runs a pub but years ago he used to be in the construction buisness,  .He said that this country would become third world and he was right.... 

... ( hee hee hee ... not a single,slightly smaller, unusual coloured motor for the ladies ! ... )


I have no idea what you guys are talking about.  The UK is a winner in car manufacturing rather than a loser.  In year 2012 the top 4 manufacturers of cars in Europe were the following.  Germany – 5.649 million, Spain – 1.979 million, France – 1.967 million, UK – 1.576 million.  Of these 4 countries car production declined in every country between years 2010 and 2012, with the exception of the UK.  Car production in the UK went up between 2010 and 2012. The UK and Germany made roughly the same number of cars in 2012 as they did in 1990.  France made half the number of cars in 2012 (1.967 million) as it did in 1990 (3.769 million).  Italy made more cars than the UK in 1990 but in year 2012 it made less than half the number of cars the UK did.

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