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Top 10: greatest-ever Jeremy Clarkson moments

Toyota pick-up

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In February 2004 the BBC was forced to apologise to a Somerset parish council after Jeremy drove a Toyota Hilux pick-up truck into a tree in the car park of St John the Baptist church in Churchill. The council had thought the damage to the 30 year old horse chestnut was down to vandals until a local resident saw footage of Jeremy demonstrating the car's strength on Top Gear. The Beeb apologised and paid the parish council £250 compensation.

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12/05/2012 16:24
I've always liked Clarkson. He is very funny. Some people just take him too seriously.
16/05/2012 06:09
fair shout to jezza he speaks the truth in a comical way love it top bloke
06/04/2012 14:09
Excellent piece. Can't say I've always agreed with his views and while he's become a bit of an institution, some might say he should be locked away in one! but he's like a breath of fresh air at times.
29/08/2012 12:31
Far too many people take Jezza's comments seriously... Do stand up comedians making light of people or places get as many complaints as he does? They are jokes, treat them as such. Carry on Clarkson!
18/08/2012 01:17
There should be more people like him then  the world would be an happier place hese great he makes me laugh roll on next top-gear cant wait
29/06/2013 21:39

Hes loud hes brash but it gets laid every night  lucky t---t



11/05/2012 16:36
love him or hate him you certainly cant ignore him allthough his dress sense does leave a bit to be desired he realy does look like a sack of s--t  some times.
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