Richard Aucock
22/06/2011 13:19 | By Richard Aucock
The most economical SUVs & 4x4s

10. Lexus RX 450h: 44.8mpg

10. Lexus RX 450h: 44.8mpg (© Lexus)
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The petrol-electric hybrid Lexus always impresses: 44.8mpg from a premium SUV with a V6 petrol engine is superb, making it the greenest luxury off-roader you can buy.

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29/02/2012 08:15
So, we have to play the multi-page game just to get your hit rate up? Your excellent "Most economical cars" article lists them all on a single page. Here I am forced to view 10 pages to see the most economical 4x4. Pathetic.
27/11/2012 21:35
How about the Mazda CX5??? The new Skyactive engine is awesome!

22/02/2013 00:10
What about the Rav 4, new 2013 Avg 57.6 MPG on a 2.0Deisel 127 g/km or 49.6 on 2.2 Deisel 150 break 149 g/km :-)
14/09/2012 10:15
I did an 800 mile drive in my audi A6 quattro and it returned 54.9MPG and managed 910 miles on a full tank.  OK not a 4x4 but that's still in excess of 8MPG more than the Audi figures, still has AWD and has never put a tyre wrong! :O)
23/06/2012 18:21
Id be surpprised if the Lexus RX450 didnt do well considering its a hybrid.
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