15/10/2012 09:09 | By Richard Aucock
How Britain built the first supersonic car

How fast did Baumgartner travel in freefall flight?

How fast did Baumgartner travel in freefall flight? (© Red Bull Content Pool)
  • Celebrating the world’s first supersonic car (© thrustssc.com)
  • How fast did Baumgartner travel in freefall flight? (© Red Bull Content Pool)
  • How fast did Thrust SSC travel on this day in 1997? (© thrustssc.com)
  • How fast will Bloodhound SSC travel? (© bloodhoundssc.com)
  • Is Thrust SSC still a record breaker? (© thrustssc.com)
  • Did Thrust SSC have any dramas during the high-speed run? (© thrustssc.com)
  • Why else is this time period significant? (© Red Bull Content Pool)
  • How fast did Thrust SSC travel in Mach terms? (© thrustssc.com)
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How fast did Baumgartner travel in freefall flight?
Baumgartner's incredible 128,100ft jump saw him hit a maximum speed of 833.9mph during his four minutes and 20 seconds of freefall flight.

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15/10/2012 13:24
I am old enough to remember donald campbells (sir?) achievements and his tragic death. Which was very fast you moron reynolds. when Andy  Green  beat the yanks in their own backyard it brought back those days when to be british meant something and we had a place in the world. We need more of the likes of the likes of the bloodhound team and less of cretinous reynolds type.
15/10/2012 13:42

John Reynolds, what is your problem, jealous, no guts or ambition to do something that entails some sort of pride in the ability (though in your case I should imagine that is LACK of ability) to break world records.

Don't say thousands are starving, we pour £12billion in foreign aid, the PRIVATE money that is used for these record attempts is a tiny amount compared with that.

Why don't you take your jealousy and angst elsewhere!

15/10/2012 13:11
John Reynolds, Just because you don't have any b4lls doesn't mean the rest of the world have to sit back and do nothing. Your comment would be far better suited to yourself!
15/10/2012 13:51
John Reynolds, was you born dropped onto your head? it seems so..

Bullied in day to day life? it seems so..

Are you retarded? most deferentially..
15/10/2012 13:16
John Reynolds, I hope you die of Aids.
... these are magical pictures ... it`s also brilliant that it isn`t just an idea,but has been put into practice and already done and being done ... it`s a far cry from the nomadic fighting tribes (or similar) of the world ! ~
15/10/2012 15:48
this man is a one million  one thousand pound in the bank
15/10/2012 15:58
Well done Mr Green, good luck on the next attempt. Once saw this man on a video flying a Phantom in the Falklands,,,,,,,,,, scary stuff !           True courage...............................
15/10/2012 18:19

John Reynolds, what a silly little **** you are! I suppose you hoped that Felix Baumgartner was going to die as well, you certainly are a sad individual.


Anyway good luck to Andy Green and the rest of the Bloodhound team.

15/10/2012 18:00
Bloodhound SSC .. am proper excited about this record attempt .. 1000mph it will be faster than a speeding bullet  .. Hope all goes well and we get the record again !!!
15/10/2012 17:40
Best of luck Andy, Lets keep the record in the UK.
16/10/2012 09:25
@Basil Fawlty - That accolade does not go to him at all. Not only was it not an official attempt at this record, the team bodged together some data that was almost completely worthless and 9 hours later claimed they knew what the speed it was - which just so happened to be just over their goal. They have refused to release this data ever since, and most experts agree the instruments they used in the car for it would have been so completely useless on the run you could make up any speed from the data it did produce.

Add in the lack of any sonic boom and it is generally agreed there is no chance it broke the speed barrier (it's earlier attempt was not even slightly close to this and the car looked no faster in the later run).
15/10/2012 13:31
watch this space for an attempt on the land speed record, but in an electric car
15/10/2012 16:49
The only reason "John Reynolds" - which is sure to a peudonym (which, John means it's not your own) - only writes such messages because it causes a reaction. Ignore him, fail to rise to the bait and it seems probable he'll go away. No publicity seeker likes his thoughts to fall on stony ground.
15/10/2012 17:37
Andy Green  and Co. were NOT the first to break the sound barrier in a car. That accolade goes to an American stuntman who achieved that fame some years earlier. HOWEVER, it was not an official attempt over a measured distance and hence the record gpoes to Andy and Co.!!
Once again this p###k should of crashed and had a horrible pain full death slow and lingering well theres always next time
15/10/2012 14:28
I know someone who might not be particularly interested in this achievement but today is his bithday
Hopefully when that **** c##t does a 2nd jump from the edge of space it will go horribly wrong with his parachute failling to open and he will be the first man to the centre of the earth where he can meet up with Hitler and the devil
15/10/2012 17:33
GOOD LUCK on your next invenstion !! :)
Great the fastest car in the world .  but what do you do with it now .? what a load of nonsense    and waste of money .
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