22/04/2012 00:00 | By Richard Aucock
The greenest cars on sale

Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDi 110 Bluedrive

The greenest cars on sale (© Hyundai)
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Hyundai i30 1.6 CRDi 110 Blue Drive 76.3mpg/97g/km - £16,895
The new Hyundai i30 takes the strong fuel economy record of the old one and improves on it yet further.

Best of all is the 1.6 CRDi Bluedrive variant, which averages 76.3mpg and emits 97g/km CO2.

How much more economical than average? 45%

24/04/2012 15:01
If the government and the rest of the world is serious about us buying the most efficient cars, why don't they remove all taxes on these vehicles from new?  Damn! I failed to mention one thing, the whole rotten lot are really not interested in greenhouse gas/carbon emissions - they'd rather have the money!
24/04/2012 22:04
Basically, The Gov know soon we will run out of deisel and petrol or will become so expensive they will lose the 64p in the £ they get in tax. So they look for another type of energy so eventually electricity will only be available through tax purposes etc due to more crap they give us every year. Tell the chinese to switch some bloody lights off, or stop poluting 10000 times more than this country. I don't know why i am bothering. MPs are only here to fill their own pockets. Never see them till elections. Funny that.
23/04/2012 19:08
IT will NEVER be acceptable that Greener CARS means the colour of cash that you pay for them.
They are simply far too expensive.
Greener dos'nt mean cheeper so you may as well buy the aulturnative normal run car.

23/04/2012 22:37
I dont like green cars  i like red 1sOpen-mouthed
24/04/2012 11:00

Why are automobiles, even innovative "green" autos, so darned expensive in the UK?


I suppose that comes under the heading of a rhetorical question, huh?

24/04/2012 18:37
It would be a lot cheaper to run a £500-00 Jag around than pay £17000.00 for a car that does 60mpg
22/04/2012 09:17

Is it just me or does anyone else look at the big picture to understand why these new cars are actually greener???


The development and purchase costs are far higher than the models before hence more money has to be made through the chain....................from developer to buyer


Therefore to buy one you have to spend more work more pay more..............and what about the so called not so green car your are replacing?????...........Oh yes someone else will be driving it so its still on the road! So infact you are increasing the g/km!!!! By the two cars on the road.


But then again it could always be sent for scrap at a poluted old fashioned junk yard somewhere chucking out old exhaust fumes and crap out in the air


Bless them all!!!

23/04/2012 21:48
The ECO warriors are destroying the worlds natural ability to cope !!!, hence more natural disasters and strange the weather patterns we're having but on the plus side Governments are collecting more taxes .........................
24/04/2012 09:41

Love the comment about electric cars. All well and good but the electricity has to be generated somewhere. The more electric cars we have the more power stations we need to charge them. All you are doing is moving the problem and not fixing it.


Diesel low emission cars are the most practicable and fuel efficient at the moment.

24/04/2012 22:19

@ stirling

I agree Except where i live we never see a councillor or politician except on tv

They better work for it this time if they expect my vote

as for fuel prices I have given up trying to afford petrol I buy £30.00 a week and when its gone its gone public transport is a joke and too expensive so i ride a bike walk or put off going out My advice is  Don't buy chinese goods its all junk anyway buy quality and you buy once.

24/04/2012 11:09
Usual comments about electric cars below. Some of which which do not recognise the efficiency gains inherent in centralised power generation. Even coal-fired power stations achieve around 38% combustion efficiency, whereas typical vehicle engines only achieve about 25%. Gas and nuclear power stations are even more efficient and (of course) about 5% of our electricity already comes from renewable sources. 

The contribution of renewables (particularly wind and tidal energy) has even greater importance than the percentage figure initially suggests, because they do not require any fuel at all. All other generators require fuel to extract, process and transport the fuel they require to generate power. This reduces the overall efficiency rating of the technology.

As many people suggest, hybrids work well today, but, as renewables are expanded towards 15% or even the 2050 target of 40%, all-electric vehicles will become a more and more attractive alternative. 
24/04/2012 06:23
Dave drives a Honda Insight, why wasn't this mentioned on the list?
24/04/2012 09:33
All this green stuffs nonsense, if you can afford it buy the biggest gas guzzler you can afford and have fun!
22/04/2012 10:51
Electric, electric, and more electric! AND loads of electric booster stations! THEN we'll be greener! HGVs etc though may have to be the exception. 
24/04/2012 18:42

I was realy interested in an Electric car, but I couldn't get an extension lead long enough to reach work.

Why don't they put slots in the road like a scaletrix set?

24/04/2012 12:08

all car are much cheaper abroad,talking between 15 - 20 %, WHY???????????????

ANSWER = TAX TAX TAX TAX and more tax,UK in general is a ripoff as it all tax tax tax and

more tax,TYPICAL FFFF TORIES, get tid of them,it's always the same,from Maggie(we all remember

her for the Polltax)tories it's tax and FAT salaries for them self.fff.off.

24/04/2012 12:16
I own a SEAT Ecomotive and only get aprox 60 mpg (not the 80+) , the head of SEAT UK tells me that that's all I should expect to achieve. Yet on the same type of travel in my Mazda MX5 I achieve aprox 41mpg more comfort, stability, safety in other words a real car not a striped down nosey shell of a car. If thinking of buying a Seat remember the after care, if your car has a problem because SEAT do not.
24/04/2012 15:58
do we have to have this fcing( .com ) crap every time!!
24/04/2012 05:10
I drive a Honda Insight and have used an average of 5.7 litres of fuel/100km over 36,000km, yet you do not mention it in your list.
24/04/2012 21:56
Well, if you want to know the truth about green cars then google this : "thought maybe" + blind spot. Then watch the movie and see what you think then !
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