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Funny road signs from around the world

Parking sign redesign aims to make life easier

Parking sign redesign aims to make life easier (© Nicole Sylianteng | To Park Or Not To Park)
  • Parking sign redesign aims to make life easier (© Nicole Sylianteng | To Park Or Not To Park)
  • Simplified parking sign redesign (© Nicole Sylianteng | To Park Or Not To Park)
  • The funniest road signs on the planet (© REX Features)
  • Deer crossing (© ANDY CLARK/Newscom/RTR)
  • Why? (© CJ Hubbard/Motoring Research)
  • Ignore sat navs (© Geoff Moore/REX Features)
  • Australian Wife Carrying Titles (© REX Features)
  • Taxi drivers' road signs (© Hailo)
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Fed up with confusing parking signs? So is New Yorker Nicole Sylianteng, so she's set about designing a parking sign that is far less complicated to understand.

The concept uses colour-coded green and red blocks to explain when you can and can't park, totally eliminating small print. She then laminates the new designs and sticks them up under the official ones...

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15/11/2012 12:24
Huh... At specific spots moose cross at 20 mph straight out of the woods, so the sign is VERY useful. One of them saved my life once... COllision with a moose does take off the top of your car, quite literally...
10/07/2013 16:04
I have to admit a local favourite of mine is:  For Fox Sake Slow Down
Driving on the I 10 through Arizona, we passed the State Penitentiary which was well signposted. It also had some signs which read ''Warning. Do NOT stop for hitch-hikers
It`s Strange that back home in Spain, all the signs are in Spanish except the ones at junctions. they all say STOP. Never worked that one out!

There is a road sign which keeps getting knicked, so the council has refused to put up any more. The road? Sod Hall Lane!


By the way, I'm not going to tell you lot where it is or, if the council have replaced it, you lot might nick it again.


Another sign that I saw was at the end of a runway. The road sign? That of a duck. Now was it trying to warn drivers of ducks crossing the road or a graphic telling unwary drivers to duck when a plane  was landing/taking off?

20/11/2012 17:22
They missed the sign from Germany that has a warning triangle and a witch on her broomstick on it!
19/10/2013 15:00

St Hillary's sign is not against Sat Navs, it was intended to indicate that the road was not suitable for lorries, regardless of what the Sat Nav said. They were erected because the Sat Navs kept leading lorry drivers down country lane's in which they then got stuck.


One of the main roads in my village was blocked for three hours after a Polish lorry driver tried to take his HGV along it when following his Sat Nav.


01/12/2013 12:40
Taxi Drivers already think they rule the roads
Why is the sign for Blind school not in Braille? Why do drive through A.T.M. machines have Braille buttons?
15/11/2012 18:48
You've got to love the Australian sense of humour!
20/11/2012 19:10

we may find some of these signs strange. but they are quite usefull in other places.   i did almost kill a penguin once, if there hadnt of been a sign i would have.   but on the flip side, if holiday makers see these signs they spend the next 10 miles driving at 10 mph looking  for whatever was on the sign haha.   where i live now there is a road called "nowhere lane" :)

15/11/2012 22:18
seen these signs myself and actually pulled off the road to take a picture of them!
02/03/2013 07:58
Saw a sign outside a house in a town on the Lofoten Islands off Norway saying Dont even think of parking here
02/03/2013 13:16
There's one just outside Cincinnatti on I75 which says "Remove sunglasses before entering tunnel"
10/07/2013 16:07
Oh, and I did like the ones they missed in County Kerry in Ireland for the Leprechaun Crossing and in Newquay in Cornwall for the Cornish Piskey Reserve
Why are ''Keep Left'' signs never ''Keep Right'' in countries which drive on the opposite side of the road to us Brits?
29/07/2014 11:41
The one in India asking to call a number isn't funny really.  Its basically saying "call this number to advertise here".  I saw them all over when I was in Inida, I thought it made sense right away.
04/03/2013 17:41
The woman on image 48 is such a rebel against society...
19/10/2013 16:29
moral of the story/sign stick to vodka!
31/07/2014 19:54
Butts close Bridlington East Yorkshire
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