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F1 2014: the 20 best helmets of all time

F1 2014: the 20 best helmets of all time

F1 2014: the 20 best helmets of all time (© AP)
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With the kick-off for the 2014 F1 season at the Melbourne GP in Australia just days away, we name the best-ever designs for F1 helemets.

F1 drivers love their helmet designs – so much so that they seem to change them almost every race. The FIA doesn’t like it and has been discussing banning the practice of ever-changing helmet designs (although so far for 2014 it’s only insisting that helmets carry the driver’s new permanent racing number).

Martin Brundle said Ayrton Senna's yellow helmet was so you could see him coming and get out of his way and still to this day the most copied of all the designs out there.
Normally in any motorsport race someone will have a Senna inspired helmet on.
08/03/2014 22:35
Lets hope this season is as good as the helmets.
08/03/2014 19:54
The dark blue helmet with the white stripes and with no chin or face cover (between Senna and Ickx) is not Senna (his is the iconic yellow with green and black stripes) but that of Graham Hill, five time winner of the Monaco Grand Prix (the original Mr Monaco) and F1 champ of 1962 with BRM and 1968 with Lotus. His son Damon later used the same design. And I believe Bergers 1995 Portuguese Grand Prix helmet wasn't the first one off helmet; I seem to remember Rubens Barrichello sporting a Senna tribute for the first race that season in Brazil, his and Sennas home race and the first Brazilian Grand Prix since Senna died in 1994. And yes, a rule on permanent helmets would be very well received.
08/03/2014 14:15

Love the artwork but its such a shame journalism standards are slipping so badly, so many grammatical errors and the most obvious?

"helmet worn by Baumgartner during his Red Bull Stratos jump from to earth from space."

He jumped from to earth from space did he?

Le Sigh!!

08/03/2014 22:55
For me the most striking helmet ever worn by any racing driver was Jackie Stewart's white helmet with tartan band.  It was simple, easy to distinguish at high speed and meant so much to me as a Stewart fan.  I'll never forget the wonderful sight of Jackie in the lovely blue Tyrell racing Clay Ragazonni (Ferrari) at Monza in 1970 following the tragic death of Rindt in practice the previous day. From then onward Jackie's helmet meant so much more as I admired the man inside who had the guts to race flat out after such a tragic event the previous day.  Racing drivers in those days were so special as they lived through such a dangerous period for the sport.
09/03/2014 10:58
The best helmets are in Moto Gp. Eat yer heart out F1
09/03/2014 12:17
I prefer simple art work on the drivers helmet so, for me the design worn by Graham Hill and later by Damon.
07/03/2014 18:01
Where is Kimi's diamond Iceman helmet from 2005?
08/03/2014 20:42
James Garners helmet IS a real one modelled on the one worn be real GP driver Chris Amon
08/03/2014 16:19
Bellstar Blue of Ronnie Peterson and the Silver metallic of Andretti.
09/03/2014 08:25
I'd always wondered what Lewis Hamilton's helmet looked like.  Now I know :-)
13/03/2014 00:23
I think they should all have dark helmets
11/03/2014 11:42

Regulations. Regulations. Regulations.

If the drivers want to vary the design on their helmet, particularly if it is to promote a charity or a tribute to a world, national, or even a personal event, then - WHY NOT.

Provided the helmet is  of the approved specification FOR SAFETY that is all that the governing body needs to concern themselves with. 

After all, they have never, as far as I am aware, been concerned about sponsor's logos on the overalls that are worn, so why the helmets, and yes Jackie Stewart's Tartan band and Graham and Damon Hill's London Rowing Club markings or Ayrton Senna's were not legislated against! 

10/03/2014 10:49

Mika Hakkinen's plain blue and white.



Hamilton doesn't know how to pull his helmet back anyway
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