01/02/2013 16:15 | By Steve Walker
Could you drive a Formula One car? The F1 steering wheel explained

An idiot’s guide to a Formula One car's steering wheel

An idiot’s guide to a Formula One car's steering wheel (© Microsoft)
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Formula One drivers have a lot on their plates; skeleton squishing g-forces, top speeds that threaten to reacquaint you with your breakfast at any moment and a whole grid full of likeminded individuals intent on occupying the bit of track you’re currently using.  

It sounds difficult but that’s not the half of it, F1 drivers also have to deal with a steering wheel of such dazzling complexity we’re surprised they ever make it out of the pits.

If you fancy driving a Formula One car, first you’ll need to get your head around the wheel so this run-through of the controls on the one from McLaren’s new MP4-28 car should be just the thing. Have a pen and paper at the ready because we’re go, go, go...

01/02/2013 22:09

Most of those functions are inactivated once parc ferme rules come into effect for race day.

They can use brake bias and do for just about every corner making adjustments to it as he approaches.

Radio used, diff locked gear ratio locked, DRS only on a certain part of the track and aslong as you are with in 1 second of the car infront of you, Kers anywhere, tyre choice is decided at practice can't just go picking any tyres unless it starts raining then DRS is locked by race director.

Box on the dial means he wants pit in.

Come on MSN i would've thought you had someone who at least had some knowledge of the sport before posting this up theres alot more to it than what you have put.

01/02/2013 22:53
who thinks of a horn at 190mph ?????????????????????????????????????????????
01/02/2013 22:55
Is this the new playstation 4 controller?
01/02/2013 22:02
What does the blue 'ON' button do? or is it obvious!
02/02/2013 02:35
is there actually any pedals on the floor ? or maybe a foot spa ! confused !
02/02/2013 01:03
Where's the horn? The horn is on the end of the indicator arm , which is on the right hand side (except in Europe when it is on the left) Dip stick! Dip stick? I have no idea.
03/02/2013 16:30

Robert young-Norwich Hi, i am in a wheelchair And i think that this would be the very best thing i would have ever done in my life, it just looks so fantastic, just let me have a go.


02/02/2013 16:14
02/02/2013 12:49

I am sure that if I was paid squillions of £`s to drive an F1 car I would quickly learn how to use all those buttons.!!

Future road cars may also put more controls on the steering wheel, as it is safer to look at these without taking your hands fully off the wheel.

07/02/2013 00:25
Do the buttons matter ? What if you just ram them off the track.(you could have a button for "help i need picking up ive been rammed)
03/02/2013 16:26
im in a wheelchair but i think this would be the best thing that i have ever done in my very boring life, let me at it please.
03/02/2013 09:45
thanks dancer , confusion cleared up , but i honestly did not know if the pedals were the same as me old ford focus ,cheers
02/02/2013 21:42
I'd love to get in the driver's seat of this car.
01/02/2013 23:56
not a friggin chance!!  GO JB GO.
02/02/2013 00:45
I still think that F1 cars should have a horn, indicators and hazard lights.  Hazard lights would do away with the need for a safety car.
02/02/2013 15:28
That is not a McLaren steering wheel, the three pointed star says Mercedes to me!
01/02/2013 22:49

a car is a car u cant understand it dont drive it why all this buttons  its like tellin the car to drive for u ha o.u.t.  or omg



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