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The Chris Evans car collection

Chris Evans hosts CarFest North

Chris Evans hosts CarFest North (© CarFest)
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This weekend saw 55,000 festival-goers head to Oulton Park racetrack in Cheshire for CarFest North, hosted by BBC Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans.

The broadcaster was there in his LaFerrari hypercar along with his “Magnificent Seven” collection.

Click on the picture above to find out more about CarFest North and Chris Evans’ exotic car collection

03/05/2012 11:44
I know its difficult to read about someone making lots of money if you have just lost your job but to all the people saying ' Evans is making money off our tax and licence fee' - I think everyone has forgotten that Chris actually made his money by forming his own production company (with his own money) to create shows like Dont forget your Toothbrush and TFI Friday - neither of which took BBC money. He then used that momey to buy Virgin radio and turn it from a tiny radio station into a much bigger one which he then sold. He has also bought an old pub/restaurant and makes money from that - plus his money from adverts. I'm sure he's well paid at the BBC but all the car money comes from all his previous money making ventures. Also, don't foget how many other millionaires would happily let other people drive his million pound Ferraris for Children in Need ?
29/01/2012 23:49
I despise people who have a go at the likes of Evans for his wealth. This guy was not born into wealth..far from it. Read his autobiography,,,even as a kid he would do not only his paper rounds but do the others for people who hadn't turned up. All for extra pocket money. He went a bit mental during his Radio 1 days but being that young succesful & rich would affect anyone. He is married & a dad. His obsession is golf & cars not women,drink & drugs. So don't be jealous...be successful
17/01/2012 18:57
Stephen Bailey........although I sympathise with your situation i feel that you're having a go at the wrong man. If you look at the article it is not a case of Chris Evans bragging about his car collection and how rich he is it is MSN showing his car collection. In fact out of the 21 cars listed only 6 show any mention of price paid or sold. Two of those he actually took quite a substantial loss on when he sold them (both jags) and one of the other mentions of money paid was because it was a british record price paid for a car a couple of years ago . The man has earned his money, is good at what he does, not to everyones taste but he certainly brightens up the mornings on radio 2, and, just like you and I, he is entitled to spend his earnings it on whatever he wants.
04/05/2012 15:56
Enjoy yourself Chris. Keep spending that cash! 

Haters gonna hate.
02/05/2012 17:48
good on him , he's strikes me as a charismatic & hard working guy who's done very well for himself. If he can afford a Ferrari or has a passion for nice cars then he's welcome to enjoy that. To nurse sour-grapes all I can say is that I doubt his fortune has been made solely on the BBC and even if it had then fair-play to him for accomplishing that. The NHS does a great job but the governments failings are hardly Chris Evans fault.  And if some people don't like paying the TV licence which in turn pays our TV and Radio stars then they can always stop watching the goggle box and do something else with their £11 per month.

Meanwhile Mr Evans can enjoy his motoring with my blessing , beautiful cars. 

Just drive carefully you sporty car lovers.Smile
04/05/2012 17:43
need so many cars?? NEED?? who said he NEEDS them he's a car collector meaning he collects them to look at not pop to aldi in them. its his cash he can spend it on what he likes.
05/05/2012 08:58
Met him in Scotland at a golf tournament one of the few stars willing to speak to ordinary punters so maybe a wealthy guy but a really great guy who deserves his success others should take note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/05/2012 14:12
Good for you Chris.  Get fed up with hearing moaning about how unfair that rich people can afford stuff which is out of reach for most folk, I say this - we all have the same opportunities in life - it is easy to sit back and snipe, get off your backsides and do something about it or be satisfied with what you have!!
17/01/2012 15:24

Love the one with the picture of the Rolls Royce Phantom with the numberplate carefully obscured to protect his privacy and then directly below the photo.


"As a tribute to the Thunderbirds TV series, his black Roller sports the FAB 1 registration"


Like locking the shed and leaving a note on the door saying "key under mat"  Open-mouthed



05/05/2012 10:07
he's worked hard for what he has, an excellent radio and tv guy, so he deserves what he has and for those who put him down.......shame you can only see through a jealous eye, he like's cars which is evident by his collection and how he talks about them, but good on you Chris I'd do the same if I'd achieved what you have.
04/05/2012 15:14
good on him. he's worked hard he deserves it.
17/01/2012 22:16
To the nurse who resents a talented working class bloke made good having a little bit of fun with his money and buying back a piece of UK movie history from the yanks, if you are losing your job, put your shared ownership penthouse on the market and move to where there is another nursing job.
05/05/2012 13:28

some nice motors there, many a wise investment from hard earned dosh,well done to ya chris

03/05/2012 12:18

Fair play to him


I wouldn't mind being a pound note behind him.



If you have the money, why not. I own a Buddy Holly bike. not the original, but one of only 188 ever made.  it's my rarity, and couldn't afford to buy one nowadays
03/05/2012 14:42
Nice to seen a good Northerner doing so well.
I wold if i could drive those old cars all day long and for ever.

not these stupid fashion plastic fantastic nonsense of today.

those old cars are beautiful machines.  Pitty this generation can,t do the same in terms of lines and sleek lines and graceful curves and swooping backs.

i respect you chris, i have the same passion, only thing is ill never own any of them. But i fully support your passion.

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