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Extravagant celebrity car gifts

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce Phantom (© Rolls-Royce)
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Ben Affleck splashed out a cool £250,000 on a Rolls-Royce Phantom for Jennifer Lopez for her 33rd birthday present.

But when the couple split up in 2004, she handed the car back to him.

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20/12/2011 11:41
I'm very very pleased for them & do they get 10,000 miles free fuel & insurance all in too ???

MSN, get a life. Get with the 99.9% of us out there, we don't need to know who bought what for Xmas do we ? There are people in the UK that are now left homeless & on the streets in the freezing cold, elderly people who will be loosing there lives because of fuel poverty this winter & many people fighting to keep afloat. Needles to say loads of top UK directors will be buying these cars in the UK because we now learn they are living in the pockets of the TAX man. It's a shame small business people like me can't get TAX breaks or benefits & have a TAX haven. We don't need our noses rubbed in it. So a big thanks & pat your selves on the back once again MSN.
20/12/2011 13:07
@ Dan, I am entitled to an opinion. we are supposed to live in a democratic society. I am not attacking the people who buy these cars & that's there business but I am attacking MSN for rubbing peoples noses in it once again but I have the right to point out there are a number of very prominent business people on a good thing making millions as they are living in the back pockets of the TAX.  Ohhh and by the way, I have helped the poor & I have seen how bad things are. I know many people that don't feel very joyful at the moment & yes it's depressing so get with the times. 

When I complain about TAX havens, it's because people have the power & influence to be able to avoid paying corporation TAX. That's a lot of TAX in there pockets & that was my point. 

It makes me sick looking at the price tags on those cars, I nearly ended up unemployed because I didn`t have a car when I was changing jobs. Luckily my employer leased me a car, yes that`s right I am paying for it and the insurance, not a company car as that would mean they pay for it. I can`t imagine how glorious life must feel when you are so rich you can give cars away that are worth many 1000`s. By the way I had to beg an insurance company to insure me as it was a lease car I had real problems getting insurance companies to insure me because the cars log book was not in my name. Eventually sorted! and I feel happy just to be in a job! how would I feel if I woke up and someone said Here, it`s yours!
20/12/2011 08:01
No wonder Liam and Noel hated each other, if the latter was 'partnering' his wife during their marriage ... funny, this story breaking so long after it became of less interest than fish 'n' chip paper ... OR ...
Another case of shoddy journalism ... how hard can it be to name the correct brother in a (kinda Sarcastic) story???
24/12/2011 12:39
How much would my granddaughter love this she is 18 works part time and goes to collage gets 36 pounds a week  to live on  the money she gets to live on would not start that car she  has a wee  yellow`Hyundai amica  paris hilton maybe has a big pink  car but my granddaughter has a heart of gold and would give you her last penny shame on you paris think of all kids with no presents and what the money you  spent on a  a big pink car could have got them  and would give you some credit for  thinking of someone other than yourself
26/12/2011 15:00
& we wonder y some Youngsters of today expect everything on a plate. Maybe these celebs should give the value of these cars to charities such as comic relief, children in need etc etc instead of expecting joe public to fork out year after year when they can barely live themselves due to this idiotic coalition governments cut-backs.  & also it may set an example to the youngsters of today that it's about give & take and not all take, take, take
24/12/2011 13:15
24/12/2011 19:07
24/12/2011 23:10
24/12/2011 05:28
The Maserati, My dream car. I would love to cruise around The U.K in one of these machines. From the small county of Lincolnshire where i've been raised to the Steep mountainous climbs of Cumbria and Scotland. Maybe even try out the hillside track where Top Gear tested a Jaguar a few years back... These Maserati's are beautiful cars, but i would prefer a the "Turismo" instead of the "Quattroporte". 
24/12/2011 19:01
skunk money police should check them out
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