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Celebrities and their convertibles

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster (© Rex Features)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger - Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster (© Rex Features)
  • Pippa Middleton - BMW Z4 (© Rex Features)
  • Chris Brown - Porsche 911 Turbo S cabriolet (© Rex Features)
  • Scott Disick - Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead (© Rex Features)
  • Britney Spears - Jaguar XK convertible (© Rex Features)
  • Cindy Crawford - convertible SUV (© Rex Features)
  • John Paul DeJoria - Daimler convertible (© Rex Features)
  • Sharon Stone - Bentley GT convertible (© Rex Features)
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Arnold Schwarzenegger - Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster
The Terminator star driving the macho Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster around LA. Roof down, of course!

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12/10/2012 19:13
Oh please MSN you really up making up stories now for the hell of it..  Most spoilt rich children are running aroung in convertibles and guess what?  They are not celebrities...  SURPRISE! SURPRISE!... I will now go back to sleep until you have something really interesting to say, once again....
12/10/2012 20:16
Yes, I agree Zoe ... do people really care what some faded nobody reality television star drives, while we are struggling to pay road tax, MOT, maintenance and the rising cost of fuel in our beat up old Vauxhall Corsa? 99% of the people who see this page can't afford the vehicles here. Do the 46 paid for photos actually benefit us, or just distract us from actually achieving greatness ourselves? All it does is feed people's addiction for celebrity gossip because they have failed, at the moment, to take control of their own lives and therefore live through the lives of others...
14/10/2012 08:46

really nice to know that when we cant decide either to eat or turn the heating on , they just have to decide to have the roof up or down !



16/10/2012 11:03
Don't hate the player, hate the game.
16/10/2012 11:32

MSN make these up as they go along,,,


Mila kunis is merely posing infront of that car, its not hers.


And Jenifer aniston & Gerard Butler... thats an image from the film Bounty Hunter. Its hardly their car.


Dunno why i read this rubbish there just trying to make news up i swear

16/10/2012 14:44
I think you may find Farrah is driving a cloud now. Keep up to date.
14/10/2012 10:03
they dont even pay for these cars, the companies give them out
16/10/2012 13:48
Seriously this shouldn't be in the motoring section it should be in the showbiz section, or even the people with no lives so live there's vicariously through celebrities section. Oh sorry no ,that's the showbiz column isn't it. 
16/10/2012 13:10
To Someone and Peggy Garret, who gives a flying feck, about your love lifes and getting married, this has nothing to do with this item you fecking morons.
Go on to a losers site and give us fecking peace, and as for you MSN, how many complaints do you need to stop this drivel, before you sit up and take notice, of the big majority of people fecking sick of this >hite.
You will be losing us to other sites if you do not pull your fecking socks up, come the revolution and we will sort this out pretty damn fecking quick.
                                             POWER TO THE PEOPLE. 
16/10/2012 12:56
Cmon MSN, this is nothing more than a lousy attempt at entertaining us,who thought this one up, how much are they paid.
I will do it for half the wage this person gets, thus saving you money, and it will be a darn sight better than this drivel, half the celebrities in this rubbish dont own the cars as you blatantly lie about.
Get this muppet fired and give us something more intelligent to get our teeth into.
15/10/2012 14:48

Figured that Shrek would have a Bentley!

The need for all the exposure and the flash cars, indicate signs of inadequacy

16/10/2012 12:45
Yawn..............Not in the real world. Plastic. Waste of a life.
16/10/2012 12:41
I think wee Britney should learn how to drive, then take her car to the body shop, and get that big dent in the wing fixed.
Or will Mercedes just scrap this one, and give her another  one free, for her to bang up again, or will she have to say whitney car this time.
07/07/2013 09:40
i thought   katona was bankrupt  its a fcuking joke
07/07/2013 15:49
Kerry Katona - Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet.......So much for bankruptcy!
07/07/2013 12:38
I'm jealous. I wish I had that sort of money,those sort of cars & that kind of lifestyle. It seems there quite a few others on here who are jealous too. They just dress it up as hate. Good luck to these celelbs.

Bah to expensive convertibles...my twelve year old Volvo, with a dodgy electric roof and usually covered in seagull pooh, escorts me in style and I love the wind through my Carmen rollers and my Jack Russell directing traffic with her paws on the dash. Yup, I'm the hottest Nanna in the West (Cornwall) and pooch is a star.


We rock.

06/07/2013 15:37
Bentley Briti**** been owned by VW for many years. Keep up msn
What a load of b******s.Celebrities and their convertibles.Are they all celebrities? I've never heard of the majority of them.Are you just trying to get an item up and running?Still.I suppose it did work.I responded,but mainly out of frustration.Really  MUST GET A LIFE!!!!!

... ( PHWOAR !!! .......... "  sum o` them motors aint arf worth a few quid ...........


                                    ..............  u know wot I`m sayin` , guvnor !! ?  "  ) ............. ~


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