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Cars you can drive at 16

QPod City

QPod City (© SECMA)
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This alien space pod was actually built in France under the name SECMA Fun'Tech, but was marketed in the UK as the QPod City. Its 50cc moped engine means that 16-year-olds can drive it, and it's easy to pilot thanks to its automatic transmission. As for the handling, well, the extra set of stabilising wheels at the back probably tells you all you need to know. It's no longer available new but there are a few around second-hand from as little as £1,000.

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27/05/2012 17:04
you know,ive been around a fair old time now,and my conclusion is now,at last,that all polititions are just a bunch of knobheads.
27/05/2012 17:29
Get them on scooters - that way they learn the importance of observation. Also, by the time they get into cars they realise how important it is to be on the look out for bikes / scooters  -  unlike most of the myopic murderous incompetent 'cagers' that occupy our roads at the moment. 
27/05/2012 08:33
Worst idea i've seen this year, 28 mph these will cause more problems on the road very very dangerous. More traffic jams!!
27/05/2012 13:46

Looks like a dyson without the handle.



27/05/2012 17:08
That is so ridiculous. They're just going to clog the roads up even more with in-experienced people causing accidents. I thought the government was trying to get people OUT of cars & using public transport or their own 2 feet!
27/05/2012 11:07
I've got these things called "Legs" had them for a long time now, i think they look better than this thing... (and to be honest i've seen better legs on a table) the reason these are being released is so the governemt can make even more money out of the young...

How much is the insurance going to cost for one of these? not to mention i wouldnt trust some 16 year olds on a push bike let alone a car like this, just another fad for the government to drain our pockets, only the rich or stupid will be able to afford them

27/05/2012 06:13
just watch the accident rate soar theres enough idiots on the road already without letting 16 year old kids on the road

Of course a 16 year old can drive ANY car, its the legalities of whether they own them that is the problem.



28/05/2012 16:55
At £6200 + insurance for the Twizy it would be cheaper to travel everywhere by taxi for the year you would be driving it ..........M
27/05/2012 22:00
Driving a 28 mph vehicle, its a danger to all. In the 70s you could buy a moped with pedals that could do 50 odd mph then the government stepped in and restricted them to 30. they got in everyones way, it might be ok in lots of traffic but even a dual carrageway its a danger.
27/05/2012 07:45
Oh gosh, more traffic jams!! Money makers, everything is about money....big no no! :o(
28/05/2012 17:55
The rules relating to driving in th UK should be much more stringent and that applies to the young and reckless and the oldies. People who travel at 40 on a dual carriageway or motorway should have their permits revoked, same for those driving on the main road at 20 without having a clue who is behind them or what is going on, and for those who can't move well enough to look around! Also it appears that indicating is optional - not just for the Beemer drivers!!!!  Has anyone noticed how many people drive around whilst on their mobiles? What are the boys in blue doing? Zilch. Huh!
27/05/2012 20:25
Not so much a car as a golf buggy or souped up mobility scooter. Wait till you're 17 and you can get a proper car. Then again, with insurance being at it is, I'm glad I'm not a teenage driver nowadays. Was expensive enough in my day, now it's just completely unaffordable for the average youngster.
27/05/2012 15:33

I can see what positive aspects this idea, it will allow drivers to get on to the road earlier on & will give them a taster of what it’s like to drive a car.  The slower speed will not allow them to drive around like the immortal teenagers most of them think they are.


However some of the positives can cause some big issues.  I think there going to be too dangerous because of the slow speed, their only going to cause other road users anger and frustration to take evasive driving to overtake or in braking when they pull out of a junction etc.  Plus the size of the cars, I would hate to think how one would fair in an accident with a regular sized road car.

They are also just going to cause more congestion on the road as especially their 28 mph speed will restrict them to town/city driving so they will clog more of our town centres. 


I think they need to start introducing the American style driver Z programme into schools as it would be more of an effective way of introducing young drivers to the road.  As young drivers need to know driving dangers, accident avoidance, the consequences of speeding and learning respect for other road users.  So that it gives them the ethos that cars aren’t racing cars for the road but are a means of transport.


27/05/2012 12:43
Has this country gone mad???  There is enough congestion on the roads now without youngsters out and about slowing things down.  I just hope they are NOT allowed on the motorways.  The fast lane will have to be reduced to 30mph if they are.  Take it from one who knows... AN OLD FOGEY if you wish... nothing good will come of this.  Top speed of 28mph is still enough to kill...!
27/05/2012 22:18

Lauraine R

You are correct in my view to advocate the smaller car for the young drivers. Also, the insurance is a huge problem which could be helped through the young gaining road experience through these cars. I believe driving should be a compulsary subject taught at school from around 12-13 years.


Insurance is something I believe the Government should get on top of. At present it is legal theft by insurance companies.

27/05/2012 09:36
Fantastic! my bus needs a new hood ornament!!!
27/05/2012 18:33
Its part of your driving test to keep up with the flow of traffic - impossible to do even in 30 mph limits as everyone goes at 40 in 30 mph. On 40/60 mph roads, these things will be both hazardous AND against the highway code
27/05/2012 12:16

And the road death rate just increased...

28/05/2012 16:22
Once the insurance is sorted and the car brought, it'll cost LOADS more than a second hand moped, and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't know any 16 year old child (other than those who get 'given' things like this) that could possibly afford anything like this!
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