06/02/2012 14:55 | By CJ Hubbard
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Jaguar XJ ‘X350-X358’ (2003-2009)

Jaguar XJ ‘X350-X358’ (2003-2009) (© Jaguar)
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The basic design of the 1997-2003 XJ actually dates back to 1986, whereas this version was completely re-engineered - despite the 'traditional' looks. This didn't do much for the reliability, however, as with a 56% chance of failure it's a massive 21 percentage points more likely to throw a fit.

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07/02/2012 01:36

Who on earth writes these articles? One of the most criticised vehicles for breakdowns, unreliability and general poor wear and tear is the Renault Espace (of ANY older marque)! look it up on the Internet, it will show up in many places as being a vehicle that is very unreliable. Are we to take it, from THIS article, that reliability is NOT an important part of the longevity of an automobile? How can one assess the age worthiness of a car when the chances are that he or she will have got rid of it fairly quickly because it could NOT be relied on as a reliable mode of transport?


Range Rovers? Acknowledged to be often unreliable at best, very unreliable at worst, even though they are a popular vehicle with those that profess to "love" them - and the writer DOES state that "reliability" is a major point in this assessment.


There are a few other vehicles here that do NOT appear in the top echelons of age-worthy cars, though I won't criticise specifically because there are so many different updates and face-lifts involved. Suffice to say that there are NO Japanese manufactured cars shown here - so where are the Hondas, the Toyotas, the Mitsubishis, etc. Good God! The man hasn't even added a Rolls Royce to the list - surely one of the longest-lasting of cars one could imagine?

07/02/2012 01:44

if your looking for a new vauxhall i dont recommend a diesel i have a 60 reg from new 1.7 ecoflex diesel its noisy with vibration right through the body and the milage to fuel ratio is not good so be warned.

07/02/2012 06:20

My Fiat Punt 75sx P reg. 39500 on the clock and only three points of rust(small)! Offers ??

(Pristine interior and original spare wheel and tools(untouched))


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