07/02/2012 09:09 | By Sean Carson
Cars most likely to be caught speeding in the UK

8: MINI Cooper

8: MINI Cooper (© BMW)
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Insurance comparison website Confused.com has been looking in to the rising cost of insurance and come up with a list of the cars most likely to get caught speeding, and those vehicles most likely to be involved in a number of other premium boosting motoring offenses.

According to Confused.com, the eighth most likely car you'll see streaking by you in excess of the speed limit is the MINI Cooper D. 19% of all Cooper D drivers having been caught pushing the boundaries of legal speed on the UK's roads.

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07/02/2012 01:53


Your prices are extortionate and you are forcing your customers off the road i hope the government takes punitive action against these greedy cartels and restores healthy competition forcing down the prices these cut throats charge for what is a necessity

07/02/2012 11:50
I know a couple of 'fat cats' who have his and hers Range Rovers. I agree that the type of car and the way you drive is more a reflection of the type of person you are - and I am convinced that the majority of such people are totally selfish and have no empathy with anyone else whatsoever. They are the ones you often see using mobile phones. Their "get out of the way, I'm the most important person on the road" attitude has clearly been used in their personal relationships and their financial dealings - which is why they can afford his and hers Range Rovers in the first place. I can only console myself with the hope that there is an afterlife in which they will be taken down a peg or two.
07/02/2012 02:27
Are you serious? Cars dont automaticly go over the speed limit, drivers make the car go over, so that argument is baseless. If this is used to penalise drivers and add price to insurance i think its about time someone brought a lawsuit against these robbing insurance company's.

A toaster can burn toast if not used properly, home insurance go up for that?
07/02/2012 11:01
What bugs me are the idiots that sit in the middle lane for no apparent reason and refuse to move back to the left. Lanes two and three are for overtaking, not for sitting with the cruise control on. They seem to take the attitude, im here, and here is where im staying. Its also an offence to hog the middle lane. OVER TAKE AND MOVE BACK TO THE LEFT WHERE TRAFFIC CONDITIONS ALLOW A-HOLES.
07/02/2012 13:41

.....You seem to imply that the fault of the CAR !! when surely ,it's the fault of the NUMPTY behind the 'wheel

07/02/2012 17:23
my morris minor can do 0 to 60 in just under three days
07/02/2012 05:17
I cannot believe the number of thumbs down at my post! It seems that the majority oft UK drivers find it acceptable to break the Law!  I`m a Professional Driver and  I see that the standards of driving amongst those who drive "Toys" is abysmal!
 Phones to their ears,speeding , tailgating, indicating too late or not at all, fog lights on when not legally required! The list is even more numerous!

07/02/2012 06:30
Raise the age of being able to hold a licence. 17 is too low!
07/02/2012 10:48
I had a clown up my tailpipe in a Range Rover on the M40 then on M25.
I was sitting at 70 on outside lane overtaking slower traffic. The clown came up fast behind me and flashed me to get out of way. i slowed down forcing him to slow down. He kept flashing me and getting aggravated.
The traffic was slowing down so he couldn't get past me so i slowed to 50 then 40.
I had satnav on so knew there was a camera coming up soon. I increased speed up to 70 then just before camera i pulled into middle lane. The clown was so angry he just accelerated hard passed me and gave me the finger. Just about 2 seconds later he flew past the camera and got flashed. Oh how i laughed.
That is what should happen to clowns who speed.

07/02/2012 13:05
07/02/2012 11:15


Everyone knows just by looking at the car and the person driving it,the big exhaust,the revving up the police know too,they only got to drive a unmark car they would catch 100 idiots a day,then the insurance would come down.i had a idiot hit my front wall,the car was a right off,he ran off,it did thousands of pounds worth of damage,the police are letting him off,what a country we live in.more money on our insurance


The stock photo of a Disco 4 heading the list of Speedsters, shows the typical posh tottie driver zooming over a snow-covered road.


4x4 owners think that their vehicle allows them to drive normally whatever the weather - but it's NOT TRUE.  The four-wheel drive and electronic gizmos ensure traction over ice, snow, wet grass or whatever but they can't repeal the Laws of Motion.


Head into an icy corner too fast and you're gonna go straight on, baby,  whatever you drive.


Have you never watched Mr. Clarkson's programme?

07/02/2012 02:15
Well my little Korean Hyundai can't go fast enough to break the speed limit, 0 to 60 in 15 minutes. I have to get out for it to go up hills but it waits for me at the top.
07/02/2012 14:07

As a statistician, I can make numbers say almost whatever I want. One presumes that these findings are from properly gathered and unmanipulated statistics and provide a basis for some use.  

The problem is that there is no correlating data. There are a lot of other factors that need to be clarified. Age ; sex ; economic and social background etc....  For instance: It does not state whether the cars caught speeding are stolen or driven by their owners.  Neither does it give any correlation to how many of these cars are on the road in comparison to other makes and models. There could be 10 times as many, therefore the figures are not at all representative.

The basic premise however, is that these cars DO get recorded for speeding more than others and that is a basis for insurers to feel that they have a reason for increasing premiums.

07/02/2012 11:14
70mph on the motorway  -  an arbitrary speed limit brought in during exceptionally foggy weather in the 1960's when most drivers were rattling around in Morris 1100's, Ford Anglias and Austin Minis with non servo drum brakes all round......no ABS and cross-ply tyres.....

However, it turned out to be an inspired decision (as far as the government and police were concerned) and it suddenly became clear it was soooo easy to raise extra money. Once that realisation dawned on our esteemed elected 'leaders' it was too tempting to ramp up the fines and lose sight of the real road safety advances.... in conjunction with road network infrastructure investment.......
07/02/2012 12:39

@SImon Boulton

You're right to some extent.


But try reaching anywhere near 70mph on most of our motorways, most of the time. This would be a fantasy come true if possible.


We should have variable speed limits on ALL Motorways & A-Roads dependent upon weather, time-of-day and traffic load.


Most camera-catches seem to be in areas where the speed-limit is unecessarily slow during off-peak traffic and gives the coffers a nice revenue boost.


But try getting "officers" to sort out a real crime (theft or noise issues at 3am in the morning) and nobody is available or it's not their responsibility !

07/02/2012 10:38
Actually the people who sit in the overtaking lanes at the speed limit or less, make drivers irratic at times, it is not up to you to enforce the roads it is down to the law and the police, so if some one is trying to get past you, then let them past. YOU will cause an accident. The cars who can actually exceed these speeds are actually safer than a car who is maxed out at 70 mph, it is a combination of things, but as said previously there is no such thing as a fast or slow lane, they are OVER TAKING lanes.
07/02/2012 08:33
Round my way it's young women in small cars that speed, they fly past me at 80 mph plus on the expressway every morning regardless of conditions.
07/02/2012 08:03
All these cars are in the most popular bracket. The common denominator is money!
An excuse by the Insurance company to charge more and in most cases, speed cameras as cash cows!
I was caught doing 36 in a 30 zone,  I saw the camera, 250 yards from the end of a forty zone and still a dual carriageway, slowed to what I thought was 30 (new Insignia) but was flashed. For my first offence in 40 years driving, I was offered, A, a course in safety awareness, cost £65. B, a £60 fine and 3 points. or C, I could go to court and plead my case and risk a larger fine. I took B, for simple reason, money. It would cost me £5 more and god knows how much to attend the 6 week course and the points don't matter because the Insurance goes up anyway!
Just because the camera was serviced a week after the incident, does not mean it wasn't calibrated correctly.
07/02/2012 05:25

It seems that once we pass our tests we are ALL superb  drivers! I did all of my driver theory/tests through the RAF. Became a RAF Fireman/Driver Tac 2 Airfield Crash Rescue and have retained my training. All it needs though is a little thought and respect for other road users.
Personally? Anyone who causes death on ANY road through drink/drugs/ using mobile phones/being a total **** should lose their licence for life!( i`d bring back the death sentance)

 NOT enough Police on the roads of the UK!! (A Personal thought!)


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