18/02/2013 10:16 | By Gavin Braithwaite-Smith
Britain’s top 10 dream cars

Top 10 dream cars: British-built motors top the list of dream garage aspirations

If money were no object, Aston Martin is the car most of us dream about more than any other…
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British people dream about owning a British-built car more than any other, according to a poll conducted by the Future Drive Motor Show. The survey asked, 'if money was no object, which car brand would you like to see in your garage?' Click through to see the 10 most popular brands.

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A cousin of mine had an ambition to be owning an Aston Martin DB5 by the time he was 21. He managed it by the time that he was 22. It was the worst decision that he ever made. Every time that he went out in it, the police would pull him over. The attitude from them was, "What's this young guy driving around in such a posh car. He must have nicked it. Let's pull him over." Now you would think that eventually the police would get used to this and would stop pestering him. Oh no. It then became a case of "Let's pull (my cousin's) car over, in case another young guy is driving it." It, er, drove him round the bend! Now, had the car been nicked then the thief would have simply roared away and the police wouldn't have had a cat in hell's chance of catching him as, in the 70's, they had absolutely nothing to match it. Oh and yes, the police did stop us when I was in the car. After all, seeing TWO people in the DB5 was just another excuse to pull us over. Of course what they were really after was to find some minor pretext to impound the car and for one of the officers to get to drive it. Jealous or what?
19/02/2013 17:33
thats what the word dream means ...only a dream to those who could never in their lives afford one

... a car in the garage is a zero.


... I need the car to be ready to go immediately.


... life`s far too short  to be bothering at all with garages.


... cars resemble women :


... a fun young sporty type or


... a mature serious sort ~

19/02/2013 05:55
The Atom I'd have thought...the big one.....
19/02/2013 11:50

The DB5 even has my initials...AM...It must be fate!

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