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The best electric cars

Current trends: sales of electric cars on the up

Current trends: sales of electric cars on the up (© BMW)
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What are the best electric cars you can buy? Whether you’re looking to save the planet or save your pennies, in the right circumstances an electric vehicle (EV) can make a huge amount of sense.

In the past year, European sales of electric cars have doubled, but still account for just one in every 250 new cars sold. In the UK, sales are encouraged through a £5,000 government grant, with cars such as the BMW i3 and Tesla Model S helping to raise the profile of electric cars even further.

We’ve put together a list of the best electric cars you can buy, followed by our favourite plug-in hybrids, of which 50,000 vehicles were sold in Europe over the past year.

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18/12/2013 15:38

I just can't help feeling that ANY monthly battery charge--£45--£70 or whatever is too much. You might not be doing a high mileage if these cars suit your needs. It's like having to pay higher purchase even though you own the car, or having to spend £70 on electricity you may not use.

If they can get the mileage range up past the 200 mark more people will be interested and although most private users probably do much less than 100 miles a day it's just not reassuring enough to know that in certain conditions E.G snow, ice, night time, your range will be considerably lower as you use more from the battery. So still no solution for the long journey or commercial user.

Last car here said to have 310 mile range? at what cost?

Heater on wipers and lights and 47 miles is around the best for a leaf iv,e heard,from a nissan technician.Heaven knows the electrics are crap on proper fueled cars.The green lovers ignore the fact the batteries are charged with power stations using oil and coal no cats or diesel particle filters here.Only last year the energy companies said they wouldn,t be able to provide enough electricity for homes how on earth are they going to get enough for electric cars as well as homes?
Awaiting decent battery technology.
I believe there may be technologies out there that are very promising and possibly several that are covered up by the oil companies.
But electric cars when they have the power are far better than there fossil fuel counterparts.
17/04/2014 20:17
You still have to charge the car with electricity which is mostly generated by non renewable sources such as fossil fuels.

They're also too expensive to buy.

Until these fundamental issues are overcome they are a crock.
04/08/2014 11:24

Have any of these cars got a spare wheel as standard or as an option?

An inflator pack or run-flat tyres are a waste of time as they won't compensate for a major puncture/blowout.

In the name of "progress", lack of a spare wheel is an expensive omission and a big inconvenience if you get a major puncture/blowout at anytime, and especially in the wilds of nowhere in the hours of darkness.  

05/08/2014 18:24

If the batteries last 5-7 years ,presumably in 2.5-3.5 years these batteries worn out . The technology is flawed ask any handyman how goods his rechargeable tools are as the batteries begin to wear out.

Yet another ploy to get people to buy rubbish now , when they have better tech in the background.

Also Ni-cad batteries are poisonous how are they going to be recycled?

It seems only a short while ago we were told diesel was the way to go and less harm than petrol motors.  Seems to me we are being lied to yet again .

23/06/2014 16:14
 I am trying to justify converting to electric but not only the higher cost of the vehicle the batteries are only good for 5-7 years. So where is the savings ? All the money you save on fuel will have to go towards a new battery which will be $5000-$10000 !  Any input ??
04/08/2014 12:23
I just DO NOT get this business of having to hire batteries for electric cars. As far as I can see, it's just a shameless rip off. As if they're not expensive enough to buy anyway, regardless of the government's £5,000 grant. Factor in the short range, the length of the charge time and the consequent massive increase to your electricity bill along with all the extra carbon generated by power stations providing all this extra electricity for charging these cars and you have an extremely expensive and not particularly eco friendly car. Plus there is also carbon generated by the manufacturing process and transportation of the various components from around the world to an assembly point. What's wrong with further research into the hydrogen fuel cell to generate electricity for cars? Or maybe even a fully clean alternative to petrol (something along the lines of bio diesel used in diesel engines for example) so we can use existing cars.
04/08/2014 13:25
07/04/2014 11:25

Batteries are the most important part in electric cars, so whenever we go to buy a car we need to check the car specifications along with the durability of the battery. We need to be careful while buying any car; we must know the details and features by a known person or through internet. This will help in tending the exact price of the car and will also keep us satisfied. We also need to take care of our expenses after buying the car and also think about the environment.


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