12/12/2013 11:45 | By Gavin Braithwaite-Smith, contributor, MSN Cars
The best electric cars

Best electric cars

Best electric cars: the new Nissan Leaf (© Nissan)
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What are the best electric cars you can buy? Whether you are looking to save the planet or save your pennies, in the right circumstances an electric vehicle (EV) can make a huge amount of sense.

MSN Cars has selected the best electric cars you can currently buy - plus the battery cars that are appearing just over the horizon. We've also chosen the best plug-in hybrid cars which behave like electric cars, running silently in EV mode around town. Read on for our guide to 2013's best electric vehicles.

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18/12/2013 15:38

I just can't help feeling that ANY monthly battery charge--£45--£70 or whatever is too much. You might not be doing a high mileage if these cars suit your needs. It's like having to pay higher purchase even though you own the car, or having to spend £70 on electricity you may not use.

If they can get the mileage range up past the 200 mark more people will be interested and although most private users probably do much less than 100 miles a day it's just not reassuring enough to know that in certain conditions E.G snow, ice, night time, your range will be considerably lower as you use more from the battery. So still no solution for the long journey or commercial user.

Last car here said to have 310 mile range? at what cost?

Awaiting decent battery technology.
I believe there may be technologies out there that are very promising and possibly several that are covered up by the oil companies.
But electric cars when they have the power are far better than there fossil fuel counterparts.
Heater on wipers and lights and 47 miles is around the best for a leaf iv,e heard,from a nissan technician.Heaven knows the electrics are crap on proper fueled cars.The green lovers ignore the fact the batteries are charged with power stations using oil and coal no cats or diesel particle filters here.Only last year the energy companies said they wouldn,t be able to provide enough electricity for homes how on earth are they going to get enough for electric cars as well as homes?
17/04/2014 20:17
You still have to charge the car with electricity which is mostly generated by non renewable sources such as fossil fuels.

They're also too expensive to buy.

Until these fundamental issues are overcome they are a crock.
23/06/2014 16:14
 I am trying to justify converting to electric but not only the higher cost of the vehicle the batteries are only good for 5-7 years. So where is the savings ? All the money you save on fuel will have to go towards a new battery which will be $5000-$10000 !  Any input ??
07/04/2014 11:25

Batteries are the most important part in electric cars, so whenever we go to buy a car we need to check the car specifications along with the durability of the battery. We need to be careful while buying any car; we must know the details and features by a known person or through internet. This will help in tending the exact price of the car and will also keep us satisfied. We also need to take care of our expenses after buying the car and also think about the environment.


11/03/2014 23:53
Get real change from electricity to gas and stuff the green meenies
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