22/07/2013 13:30 | By Richard Dredge, contributor, MSN Cars
Best diesel cars to buy

Best diesel cars on sale

Best diesel cars on sale (© Magic Car Pics)
  • Best diesel cars on sale (© Magic Car Pics)
  • Fiat Panda from £11,100 (Pop 1.3 Multijet) (© Fiat)
  • Citroen DS3 from £15,280 (DStyle 1.6 HDi) (© Citroen)
  • Audi A3 from £20,155 (1.6 TDi SE) (© Magic Car Pics)
  • Volkswagen Golf GTD from £25,285 (GTD 3-door) (© Volkswagen)
  • BMW 3 Series from £25,210 (316d ES) (© Magic Car Pics)
  • Mazda 6 from £21,795 (2.2 SE diesel) (© Mazda)
  • Ford S-Max from £23,605 (1.6 TDCi Zetec) (© Ford)
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Around half of Britain’s new car buyers choose a diesel engine when they spec their new purchase, and is it any wonder when the current generation of diesel cars is so talented? Swift, smooth, refined and frugal, the modern diesel is a triumph of engineering. Modern diesel engines can even do the business in sports coupes as our recent drive in BMW's new 4 Series showed.

Here we take a look at 20 of our current favourite diesel cars, with two for each of the 10 key market sectors.

18/10/2013 12:41

Very strange, the family car choices are for millionaires, where's the Mondeo?


06/04/2014 12:31

The older Peugeot Diesels, such as any with the XUD9, or, XUD11 engines fitted with the Bosch pre electric fuel pump, would run very happily on veg oil, producing less pollutants and with a better carbon footprint. And not to forget its about £1 a liter or less.

My 306, 406, and 405, only cost about £400, £700, and,£350 to buy. After all, the modern cars are only a warning light away from the scrap yard.

12/08/2014 11:07
Following recent anti diesel comments theres no such thing as a "best", or any, diesel car. From getting you to switch it off in traffic too planning, soon, to increase road tax, plus a premium for buying diesel fuel (when everyone knows its cheaper to produce) it seems they are now public enemy No.1. Strange that just a few years ago the Government were asking you to buy diesels. Does anyone here smell a rat and how long will it be till they get us all in crappy Ev's - NOT this driver, for one.
09/04/2014 10:37
Every time i see an RCZ it makes me wonder how well this car would sell with an Audi/Bmw/Merk badge instead of a Peugeot, badge snobery? or just reality. I agree with your comments on Mazda, brilliant, if underated range of cars, again badge snobery!!
21/01/2014 20:25
bmw overated and not  worth the money
07/04/2014 16:41
On the MPV front, it wasn't the Scenic that came first, it was the Nissan Prairie of 1983
28/01/2014 05:34
"Best" is a difficult word to quantify,,,But I'm glad they've at least got the Renault Scenic in there, I run a fleet of various cars including S Class Mercedes, Audis and Range Rovers, all diesels, and the Renault 1.5 DcI is what I would call the "Best" engine, it's economical to buy and run, quick (enough for most people most of the time) and completely reliable.
30/04/2014 11:55
I have the ford focas 1.6 turbo diesel which gives exelent performance and quite thrifty, i like it so mutch i ordering a new one this month.
21/04/2014 17:17
The old peugeots threw out clouds of black soot when they were 2yrs old onwards. Still prefer petrol but own a diesel XF.
26/10/2013 01:35
Surely the Nissan Prairie was a compact MPV? It's certainly classed that way by Wikipedia. It was launched way before the Renault Scenic.
If I was going to spend a lot of money buying a Jaguar, I'd prefer it to LOOK like a Jaguar and NOT look German
04/05/2014 06:54
I went to buy an xf jag and then noticed a 5 series bmw thought I would try them both, took me 2 seconds to decide, gave the salesman the jag keys back, the bmw is the best car I have ever had.
15/11/2013 16:14
New EU regulations on diesel emissions means that in ten to twenty years time there won't be any diesels on the roads. If you're thinking of buying one in a few years time, bear in mind that you won't be able to re-sell it.
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