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Best automatic cars to buy

What are the best cars with automatic gearboxes?

What are the best cars with automatic gearboxes? (© Newspress)
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The automatic gearbox is a great invention and modern examples of this type of transmission can make manuals look outdated in some respects.

We know swapping cogs yourself is what many petrolheads and drivers searching for purity and feel enjoy, but around town and in traffic, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of leaving the car to manage the gears for you – as we’ll see, sometimes they’re even better for performance and efficiency. So what are the best automatic cars in each class?

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16/03/2014 13:50
You ask " whats not to like" about the Mini, i can give you one really big thing - RELIABILITY. Look at any breakdown/reliability survey from JD Power to Auto express mag. and they come out at, or very near, the bottom.   It might look good on your driveway but spending more time in the local garage being repaired is not my idea of fun.
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