James Ruppert
20/11/2009 11:03 | By James Ruppert, contributor
Bangernomics sector guide: family hatch

Up to £500

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At this end of the market it could go either way. It is certainly easy to buy an MOT-borderline car with all sorts of electrical issues and a head gasket that's about to blow. Then again you could just find yourself a Toyota Corolla.

Buy a used Toyota Corolla

More pictures of Toyota Corollas from Bing

28/02/2012 11:29

When i buy a s/h car it's like 3 or 4 years old  car not 10-15years old that's what you call a wreck


23/08/2013 14:21
these cars are good for driving straight in to the crusher.
31/08/2014 11:30
I have got a 17 year old car so Daytona07 you don't know what you are talking about
04/01/2014 16:55

DO NOT buy an A CLASS as they have starter motor problems and i have herd of one that cost a staggering £1,500 to repair as the whole engine and gearbox has to come out

22/09/2012 15:07
 Woudn't touch one of these with a barge pole.
01/08/2013 20:19
These are not family used cars all too small
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