01/06/2012 11:23 | By Ginny Weeks
Artist sculpts life-size cars and bikes from cardboard

Chris Gilmour - cardboard art

Chris Gilmour - cardboard art (© Rex Features)
  • Chris Gilmour - cardboard art (© Rex Features)
  • Aston Martin DB5 (© Rex Features)
  • Harley Davidson (© Rex Features)
  • Fiat 500 (© Rex Features)
  • Ford Hot Rod (© Rex Features)
  • Bicycles (© Rex Features)
  • Chopper (© Rex Features)
  • Scooter trailer (© Rex Features)
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British artist Chris Gilmour, 34, creates amazing lifelike art using just cardboard and glue. His works range from an Aston Martin DB5 and Fiat 500 to a Harley-Davidson. The objects are so realistic that during past exhibitions people have tried to interact with them as if they were real items, just covered in paper. Trying to sit in the Aston is not recommended!

Gilmour has taken recycling to another level, creating his lifesize art from used and discarded boxes found on the street. Many of the works even feature some of the old branding as a token reminder of the packaging's mundane past life.

Based in Italy, Gilmour started his cardboard art by experimenting with small domestic items, such as coffee pots and a typewriter, before moving on to larger, more complex projects like the Lambretta motorbike and Ford Hot Rod.

The artist creates his support-structure-free creations using just two components - boxes and adhesive. "I like the idea of concentrating on the material in its "natural state" and playing with the idea of these beautiful objects represented with a material from the waste basket," he explains.

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03/06/2012 10:29
Very tallented guy. Picture 11 looks lifelike to me !!
03/06/2012 11:00
03/06/2012 18:30
Amazing works of art, very talented artist.
03/06/2012 17:13
great talent,looks great fun as well !!
03/06/2012 16:20
Check out Chris' web page, for work in progress pics.


you can see they are not just moulds from originals.

Fantastic skill and great idea. Top marks
03/06/2012 13:42
ive made that bike from canon papercraft  and at the moment making a e-type jag
09/07/2012 11:25
These are truly works of art! I love them!
I thought number 11 was good.

Oh, it's a person
03/06/2012 01:55
Congratulations to Gilmour - attractive objects/works-of-art. Possibly astonishing achievements excepting the MSN article is sadly superficial as the photos do not  for instance give any impression of scale/size let alone state it in the commentary. Are they life size? Were the pictures supposed to make Gilmour's art look 'no more than brown painted versions' of the real thing?

I would like to have seen at least one close up to give some impression of their construction. 
03/06/2012 02:21
If they're lifesize, Mr Gilmour could have made paper mache moulds of the original. Probably out of brown paper, hence the colour (or lack of it).
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