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50 years of Lamborghini

The history of Lamborghini in pictures

The history of Lamborghini in pictures (© MagicCarPics)
  • The history of Lamborghini in pictures (© MagicCarPics)
  • Ferruccio Lamborghini (© MagicCarPics)
  • Lamborghini 350GTV (© MagicCarPics)
  • Lamborghini V12 (© MagicCarPics)
  • Lamborghini 350GT (© MagicCarPics)
  • Lamborghini 350GT (© MagicCarPics)
  • Lamborghini 400GT (© MagicCarPics)
  • Lamborghini Miura (© MagicCarPics)
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No car maker has ever been as consistently outrageous as Lamborghini. This Italian icon celebrates its 50th birthday this year and its cars are more eye-popping than ever; there are no signs of Lamborghini watering down its designs either. If anything, they’re getting even more extreme; you’ve only got to look at this year’s Veneno for the proof.

The company was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini, who made his fortune by converting redundant military vehicles into civilian ones in the post-war years. The expansion of his empire was rapid, and by 1949 he’d already set up a tractor manufacturing company, which flourished. By the time he expanded into constructing boilers and air conditioning systems in 1960, Lamborghini was already one of Italy’s great industrialists.

Such success brought great wealth, and as a result Lamborghini owned a fleet of luxury and sports cars. Among them was a Ferrari, which he felt was too noisy; Lamborghini reckoned a sportscar should be far more refined – so his next venture was to set up his own car company.

Lamborghini constructed a completely new state-of-the-art factory in Sant’Agata, 25km north of Bologna, with the work starting in 1963 and concluding the following year. The first couple of years were slow, but then the Miura burst onto the scene and things would never be the same again – for Lamborghini or the world of supercars…

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