26/04/2013 08:30 | By Ian Dickson
2013 Sunday Times motoring Rich List

38th richest person in Britain - Lord Paul £2bn

38 - Lord Paul £2bn (© Rex Features/manufacturer)
  • 172 - Sir Arnold Clark £508m (© Rex Features/manufacturer)
  • 166 - John Bloor £525m (© Rex Features/manufacturer)
  • 118 - Sir Brian Souter £730m (© Rex Features/manufacturer)
  • 38 - Lord Paul £2bn (© Rex Features/manufacturer)
  • 26 - Bernie Ecclestone £2.5bn (© Rex Features/manufacturer)
  • 21 - Sir Anthony Bamford £3.15bn (© Rex Features/manufacturer)
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Lord Paul owns Caparo, a steel and engineering business, most well known for producing the Caparo T1 that once famously tried to barbeque Jason Plato. The Labour peer is worth £2bn.

On Bing: more pics of the Caparo T1

With thanks to the Sunday Times Rich list

27/04/2013 06:58
Trust Tom Farmer and Kwik-Fit and you will trust anyone. Both have been ripping people off for years telling them they needed new parts when they did not.
30/04/2013 05:26
Yeah! and bamford was laying his staff off about 4-5 years ago when the banks screwed everyone,as if he could`nt of just absorbed it him self and just had them doing a few less hours each for the 12-18 months its took for his business too pick back up **** greedy ****!
29/04/2013 22:35
I'd like to know what have anyone of these so-called 'rags to riches' people done for society? I bet they skive off paying huge taxes most of us poor people have to pay. It makes normal working people in this industry think they can make it rich. Small factors play a part, like already having money to begin with the set up their businesses; they're never quite the man down the street like we're told. Normal grafting people working in small businesses never make even half a million let alone multi-millionaire status. You have to be as dodgy as Bernie Eccleston to make it big; most of these people I wouldn't trust to tell me the time in a room full of clocks. They're all for themselves and their pockets, not for joe public.

...  Ha ! ...  now we all know where a lot of the British money has gradually disappeared to ! ...


... ( into a number of various mens bank accounts ! ) ...

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