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The spec sheet says 182hp, but that’s not actually the whole story…

By cj hubbard 14/03/2013 17:05

2013 Ford Fiesta ST (c) Ford

Amongst the elements of genius that assemble to create the remarkable new Fiesta ST, Ford has been rather sneaky with the power output. By “homologating” it at 182hp, the blue oval has managed to keep insurance down to a slightly more reasonable level – but if you’ve spotted that the US version appears to offer 200hp, don’t worry.
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Top Gear has a new Kia cee'd: so too does MSN Cars...

By richardauock 18/02/2013 07:34

MSN Cars is, like Top Gear, running a new Kia cee’d. Jeremy introduced the show’s cee’d last night; we introduced ours last month, and have already covered over 2,500 miles in it. And how’s it proving? Perfectly reasonable.


Meet Mehmet Kiliç. If we're lucky he might just help make Toyotas fun to drive for everyone.

By cj hubbard 28/01/2013 17:49

Mehmet Kilic (c) Will McManus / Toyota Blog

It’s not often we name-check an engineer during the first drive review of a new vehicle, but Mehmet Kiliç is a man worth knowing about – he could well save us all from a future filled with boring Toyotas.


Forget Gran Turismo – this is how Nissan really turns gamers into pros

By cj hubbard 28/01/2013 09:59

Nissan Race Simulator (c) CJ Hubbard / Motoring Research

With a certain amount of inevitability, Nissan made good use of the Juke Nismo launch earlier this week to remind the assembled motoring press about its GT Academy programme – which has been turning gamers into real racers with remarkable success since 2009.

This included an appearance from Lucas Ordoñez – the first GT Academy winner and graduate – co-opted into providing passenger laps in the rabid Juke R (though given how much he was giggling at the limit, this hardly seemed to be a chore). But have you ever wondered how Nissan turns sofa-dwelling joypad junkies into fully-fledged podium patrons?


By the_roadtester 09/01/2013 10:59

Alistair Weaver writes


The world's toughest race: the Dakar Rally in pictures


Sunday, 20th January


After the tension and euphoria of yesterday, the celebratory parade through Santiago de Chile was a chance for the Race2Recovery team todrink in their Dakar success. Chile’s capital put on a great show with thousands of people turning out to cheer on a tired old Wildcat, driven by Matt O’Hare and Philip ‘Barney’ Gillespie. After a tour of the city centre, the whole team climbed the Dakar podium for a moment that marked the culmination of two years’ hard work. 


Sean swaps mud for water and gravel for Tarmac as he gets to grips with the Amarok’s on-road ability and its real-world performance in the final part of his challenge

By Sean Carson 21/12/2012 12:56

2012 Volkswagen Amarok - (C) VW

The Amarok might be a commercial vehicle, but it won’t spend all of its time off-road. That means the vehicle has to go well on it, too.


Fortunately, the second part of the VW Amarok Challenge set out to prove just that…


Muddy, cold and wet – Sean gets behind the wheel of the new Amarok in a series of competitive challenges, but how will the new car fare?

By Sean Carson 20/12/2012 11:02

2012 VW Amarok - (C) Volkswagen

When the invite to the VW Amarok Challenge dropped into my inbox and the itinerary said – and I quote – “we suggest a change of footwear, a towel and a spare set of clothes to change into at the end of the day”, I could only leap at the chance to get stuck in.


The Amarok actually falls under the remit of VW Commercial Vehicles – it’s a workhorse. So what better way to test its robust off-road credentials and field crossing, fording and climbing capabilities than with a series of muddy challenges on the run-up to Christmas?


Let’s off-road! Lego’s latest Technic creation is a four-wheel drive, four-wheel steer monster truck.

By cj hubbard 30/11/2012 17:59

Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler 9398 front (c) CJ Hubbard / Motoring Research

It’s that time of year again. The point at which Lego sends an email asking if we’d like to road test its latest wheeled wonder, and we – or rather I – scorch the keyboard sending back an overly enthusiastic yes. Meet the key Technic model for Christmas 2012: the Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler (9398).

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