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Biography: Peter Burgess

Motoring journalist

Peter Burgess biography

Peter's been a motoring journalist for some 30 years, starting off on Motoring Which? after a period as a mechanical engineer.

He left Which? to become a presenter on Top Gear for a couple of series and since then has written about almost every car on the planet as editor of the Daily Express World Car Guide as well as producing his own title, the UK Car Catalogue. Helped launch MSN Cars back in 2000. A juror on the World Car of the Year Awards.

Lotus Elan

Current car: Porsche 911. "It's a 1991 964 Carrera 4 coupé, which I've had since 1999. I keep looking at 'better' 911's but my car is such a peach I might never change it"

All time favourite car: "For a long time I would have said the Ferrari Dino 246 coupe. It certainly wasn't a disappointment when I drive one for a day in 2006. But I also have a soft spot for old Lotus, and having owned four, I feel another baby Elan could sit nicely alongside the 911. It's really just a matter of finding the right car at the right price."

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